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    My name is Jennifer Mott and I am a photographer in the Toledo, Ohio area.  I love to capture memories from sweet new babies to the wedding day you dreamed of as a little girl!  Life moves so fast, it's amazing to watch how much my own three children change all the time.

    Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my recent sessions! 

Catching up, last session of 2008, and GRAND OPENING Saturday 10-2

OK, Grand Opening information first!!  It’s THIS Saturday, 10 AM until 2PM.  There will be sweets from the fabulous http://www.twoseasonedchicks.com/  a facepainter at 10:30, a magician at 11:30, a drawing for a session, giveaways… and I know you are all curious about what I’ve been working on for the last month or two!  I took a last minute trip up to IKEA tonight to get something that I saw last time and just had to have.  Then I drove it all the way from Detroit to Grand Rapids and didn’t get home for dinner until 10:30 tonight.  Amd I crazy?  Hmm, debatable, but I am tired and going to bed!

But first, almost 2 weeks ago, right after Christmas, I met up with a family with 4 adult kids for some group shots while everyone was in town.  I grabbed a few of the kids and their own families really quickly, I’m leaving out one because the baby had an ear infection, had just gotten in town last minute, and poor mom was stressed out and in her words had her frozen smile on.  I know how I feel about my own pictures so I will leave her out even though I think she looked beautiful:)

OK, I am really am going to bed now, and will return emails tomorrow. 


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Sweet new baby – Toledo Newborn photographer

I am so behind, this session is from last weekend and I am sure mom is wondering where I disappeared to.  I procrastinated ordering pictures for my studio walls because I was too busy with the Christmas rush and now I am cutting it really close trying to put together my displays before the grand opening next Saturday.  This is usually a slow time for pictures so I thought I would have lots of time to get ready for the opening and here I am running around like crazy!  I’m excited, the place is looking great and everything is coming together!

I loved these newborn shots so much that I picked a few to edit for the blog and for my walls today.  I know mom loved black and whites and so do I and the shots I picked are for a B&W grouping on my walls…so you won’t see them here!  Hopefully these color will make you happy S, because I love them too!!  This little one was a big sleeper but knew she had a guest and we had to work to get her sleepy:

Love the pink and green in her room! 


Orders:  Everything that came in right before the holidays was ordered before then…but the new lab I love is closed over the holidays.  So I am expecting them soon now that life is back to normal for everyone.  Same for albums.   I got a ton of orders over the holidays and have been getting them perfect and ordered as fast as I can.  Emails, another ton came in this weekend and I will get back to them ASAP as well.    When the open house is over things will calm down!  I hope to see a lot of you there!

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Jordan Powers - January 5, 2009 - 8:13 pm

I was blog stalking local photographers and came across yours :)Congratulations on the new studio! We almost got one there in Grand Rapids a few months back, but opted out :) Make sure y9ou post some good pics of the finished product!

Jennifer - January 6, 2009 - 3:14 pm

Thanks Jordan!

jennifer - January 7, 2009 - 5:17 pm

oh these are just precious that toy box shot is too cute!

Happy New Year!! Giving is Awesome Announcement

I hope everyone has had a nice new year’s eve and day!  I have allowed myself to not feel guilty for ignoring my work and spend these days with my family.  We’ve had fun, played Wii, and even got up to IKEA in Michigan…looking for something to organize the new toys but got things for the studio instead, figures!

But I did end up taking a long time to agonize over the selection of a family for the http://www.givingisawesome.com/ donation I planned to announce today.  I had read and reread the entries as they came in and cried and I was so attached to everyone, the stories were heartbreaking and everyone so deserving!  I ended up printing the entries out and my husband and I made notes and went back and forth, and it was just horrible trying to pick only one.  We tried to concentrate on the guidelines/suggestions of the original group, and we felt bad narrowing it down to only those who I felt we really MUST give this photo session to, but we narrowed it down. 

Which left 8 families, EIGHT!

So, we made a decision…I decided that I still needed to pick the one family to receive the full session, disk of images, and after thinking about it more, an album of images.  And the person nominating that one family will receive a $200 print credit. 

BUT, we also decided that each of the other 7 families will receive a smaller gift of my time and pictures.  I have not finalized what I will do, but it will most likely be a shorter session, maybe a day of sessions at my studio if they can make it down to Grand Rapids, or their homes if they can’t make the trip…and they will get some kind of print/digital file gift as well. 

After we narrowed it down to these families, we felt we needed another opinion.  I went to my assistant’s home tonight and she and her mom were there and read through all of the entries.  We talked and talked and they helped me decide on which family to choose for the full session, files and album.  I got home late and don’t have the full contact information, so I haven’t contacted the family or nominating person yet… but I know there are a lot of people watching for the announcement, so I will tell you that this family is dealing with a parent with terminal cancer and some of the financial struggles that comes with the medical bills, and they have young children who I just…I can’t put into words how upset I get thinking about them, and I think this gift is meant to be for them. 

Now, like I said, it was very late by the time I knew what I was going to do, so none of these families have been contacted, and I hope that anyone that doesn’t receive a session will understand.  I wanted to give away everything , but I just can’t, and as I found out from the many, many nominations I received, there are so many sad situations and incredible, deserving people in our community.

I know I have a lot of emails, proofs, and other things to get back on, but I will start working again tomorrow…I hope you all understand!  And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Michelle - January 13, 2009 - 6:23 pm

Jen, I think what you’re doing is so fantastic and wonderful and giving.

F a c e b o o k