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    My name is Jennifer Mott and I am a photographer in the Toledo, Ohio area.  I love to capture memories from sweet new babies to the wedding day you dreamed of as a little girl!  Life moves so fast, it's amazing to watch how much my own three children change all the time.

    Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my recent sessions! 

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m back from my week from heck…

I hope you all had a very happy Valentine’s day!!  I spent most of mine at the studio, but my loves met me out there and we went to yummy Pisanello’s Pizza inbetween sessions.  Watch for some sneak peaks in the next few days…tonight I am going to try to catch up with my emails and editing.  This last week has been really tough.  I didn’t want to blog about it because I didn’t think it was too smart to tell the world my husband was gone, (come rob my house please…), but he had to go to Italy for this last week for work.  Poor guy, huh?  And he made it even better by telling me how much I would love it there every time he called.  He knows how much I love old architecture.  Oh well, maybe next time I will fit in his suitcase!  But I had a very great appreciation for single parents while he was gone, it was an exhausting week.  Adding to that Aidan was pretty sick and extremely whiny, Lucy was moderately sick, and I didn’t feel well for a little while in there too.  And Max was couped up more and so was more destructive, he’s gotten quite the appetite for legos and oven mitts.  And it was my last week at my engineering job so I got to teach the poor sucker taking over my work everything I know.  

But, the husband got home last night, the kids are feeling better, the dog has gotten long walks, and I only have one full time job doing what I love.  Life is good.

I don’t want to post without a picture, I sent out some Valentines of some love-filled pictures from some recent sessions… here are a couple too cute ones:

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